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The image of the bride 2020 Trends

2020 is just around the corner, so it's time to find out what will be relevant this year if you started preparing for the wedding! Hairstyles, dresses, makeup ... What trends persist from 2019 and go into the current season? Read the opinions of our experts:

Changes in the wedding world affect all areas, from invitation to the very concept of the holiday. After we examined wedding trends in 2020, we started a more detailed story about what awaits us next year, for example, in the printing industry, and today we want to understand in detail one of the most important wedding issues. What kind of bride is she 2020?


This season, conceptual changes have already taken place at the wedding, and the bride, as the main image at the wedding, embodies them in her own image. The next season, the trend continues to gain momentum. The new character of the modern bride can be different, as designers showed at New York Wedding Fashion Week, how